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Our advantage

WI Fidelis is unique in that it is a multi-cap (not just large, mid or small), utilizing some of the most robust faith-based screening available, and each major investment factor is defined more comprehensively than most other factor-based indexes. Fidelis 100 is structured to be the new standard for benchmarking diversified faith-based investments. 

The WI Fidelis Index tracks the performance of the 100 stocks which rank the highest within their market cap and sector based on WI Fidelis Index’s factor-based methodology. This methodology is designed to provide access to high quality companies (i.e. faith-based social impact, profitability, financial health, and growth) with market caps greater than $250M that also have value (including low volatility and higher dividend yield) and momentum (including positive earnings per share trend) characteristics.

Factor Input Chart.jpg

Sector and Industry Diversification

Under normal circumstances, the WI Fidelis Index will be comprised of at least 40% US large-cap companies, and maintain strict industry and sector diversification rules (diversification may fluctuate between quarterly rebalancing). The WI Fidelis Index securities are equally weighted with rebalance and reconstitution occurring quarterly. Since this Index provides material exposure to multiple equity styles (large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap as well as both growth and value) and uses multiple investment factors, it is an ideal Index to benchmark diversified factor-based equity performance.

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